Lawn Mowing’s Essential Steps

Your lawn serves as the canvas for the rest of your landscape, forming a framework for garden beds, pathways and patios. It also helps to prevent soil erosion and provides a soft, resilient surface for recreational activities. Because lawn landscaping plays such a crucial role, both aesthetically and functionally, many homeowners will spare no expense to grow and maintain a lush lawn.

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But before you outlay all those greenbacks for green blades, there are some important factors to consider to ensure that your investment grows and thrives. Learn about the best types of turfs for various conditions, how to maintain a healthy lawn, advice on choosing sod versus seed, and the basics of lawn installation.

“Growing a lush lawn requires good planning, a knowledge of the best grass types for various conditions, and establishing a systematic program of lawn maintenance and repair. “

  • Selecting a lawn grass that will thrive in your local climate conditions and survive the intended use of your yard.
  • The best grass varieties for sun and shade.
  • The best grasses for cool-season and warm-season conditions.
  • The top 10 turf grass varieties, along with an overview of each one’s light requirements, drought tolerance, growth rate, traffic tolerance and unique care requirements.


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