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Landscape lighting fixtures are popping up just about everywhere—grocery stores, drug stores, and of course, home improvement stores.  Often these do-it-yourself (DIY) fixtures are solar-powered and tout easy installation.  However, the quality and utility of these products fall short of what a consumer can get when a professional installs their home and landscape lighting.

The Landscape Company is a full-service

Secondly, lamps in these fixtures are not powerful or adjustable. When you see a professionally-lighted property, you know it.  The light seems to graze the side of the home at the perfect width and brightness.  The trees and shrubs are uplit or downlit to achieve a beautiful affect.  The walkways are safely lit without appearing like an airport runway.  Professional-grade lamps and fixtures are fully adjustable; this allows the designer to get the perfect light for whatever feature they want to accent. In addition, we only install LED lamps which have a very low operating cost and a long life.

“It will also help you get a clear idea of how you want your outdoor space to look and give you time to compile your wish list.“

And third, a great deal of expertise in landscape design and outdoor lighting are combined to create a well-lit property.  Our landscape designers not only understand landscape design and horticulture.

Let us design and install the final touch to your beautiful property—landscape lighting.  It will add curb-appeal, extend your useable time outdoors and even make your property safer at night.

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